Date         : 18 September 2022
Location : Jakarta 

Every year, the EU organises the #EUBeachCleanUp global campaign that brings people together around one common purpose: protecting the oceans and marine life from litter. Through the ‘Directives on Single-Use Plastic’ policy, the EU is spearheading global efforts to reduce and avoid plastic pollution and marine litter.

In this global movement, every action counts: not only taken at the beach but at home; not only taken at the ocean but also inland, such as through plogging activity (picking up litter and jogging).

Held on World Clean Up Day (18 September 2022), we invite you to take part in plogging that aims to raise awareness of the importance of reducing single-use plastics that pollute our streets, parks and eventually our seas and forests. Whilst the key to fighting plastic pollution is to stop it at the source, we all have a part to play in reducing waste and cleaning up our beaches and streets.

Let’s turn a drop in the ocean into a wave of change!

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